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New Citrix 1Y0-A22 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Scenario: An administrator needs to configure scheduled restarts for half the farm at 1:00 pm and the other half at 2:00 pm. All the servers reside in the same OU.

Which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Go to the servers in AppCenter, and use the Logon Control options.

B. Create worker groups named 1PM and 2PM, and add servers accordingly.

C. Create two Citrix policies with settings to restart, and filter the policies by worker group.

D. Create two GPOs with settings to restart, and assign the GPOs to the OU containing the

farm servers.

Answer: B,C


Scenario: Xirtic recently expanded and added two new branch offices: Northwest Office and Southwest office.

Information about Xirtic employees:

u2711 Members of the sales staff roam between the Tokyo office and two branch offices.

u2711 Members of the Accounting staff roam between the Tokyo office and the northwest branch office.

u2711 These staff members travel with their corporate-issued notebooks when roaming between offices.

u2711 All employees in these offices print to shard, network printers.

Users Complaints:

u2711 At the new branch offices, users have been complaining about poor experience, such as long print wait times.

u2711 The network team has indicated the WAN link between the Tokyo office and

branch offices is usually saturated.

The Tokyo office and the branch offices are on the following subnets:

u2711 Tokyo:

u2711 Northwest Branch office:

u2711 Southwest Branch office:

The following user groups exist within the environment:

u2711 Tokyo

u2711 Sales

u2711 Accounting

u2711 Northwest

u2711 Southwest

Each branch office has its own organization unit.

u2711 Tokyo

u2711 Northwest

u2711 Southwest

The XenApp Administration needs to improve the user experience in the branch offices by limiting printing bandwidth to 20% of the total session bandwidth, which is 512 kbps.

Task: create and configure one policy to meet the requirement as stated in the scenario. Name the policy u201cPolicy1u201d.

Answer: Here are the step by step solution to this.


Use the following

Q3. Scenario: The XenApp Administrator is using application streaming to provide users with access to their applications. A user reports that after launching a streamed application, the application hangs during launch.

Which step should the administrator take first to resolve the issue?

A. Flush the RADE cache.

B. Reprofile the application.

C. Enable Inter-Isolation Communication.

D. Update Citrix Receiver to the latest version.

Answer: A

Q4. Scenario: Users report that immediately after logging onto a hosted desktop, their sessions disconnect. The administrator enables auto-client reconnect logging in order to troubleshoot the issue.

Where are the logging events retained?

A. Data store

B. Server system log

C. EdgeSight database

D. Configuration logging database

Answer: B

Q5. Scenario: Configuration logging was successfully configured with default values. Recent administrative changes to the XenApp farm have NOT been logged to the configuration database. Technicians determined that the SQL server hosting the database had an issue that has since been resolved. Administrative changes are now being logged again.

What should the administrator modify in the configuration logging properties in order to ensure that administrative changes are only allowed when configuration settings are logged?

A. Check "Configure backup databaseu2026"

B. Check "Log administrative tasks to Configuration Logging database."

C. Uncheck "Allow changes to the farm when logging database is disconnected."

D. Check "Require administrators to enter database credentials before clearing the log."

Answer: C

Q6. Scenario: An existing XenApp 6.5 server farm has two policies.

The first policy is called "Clipboard_On" and has a priority of 1. The Client Clipboard redirection setting is configured to 'Allow' and it is configured in the Unfiltered policy.

The second policy is called "Clipboard_percent" and has a priority of 2. The Clipboard redirection bandwidth limit percent setting is configured to 25% and is applied to all domain users.

The policies are stored in the Citrix data store and no additional Active Directory policies are configured. After some time, the administrator detects that users are sometimes unable to use clipboard mapping.

How can the administrator configure the environment so that users are always able to use

clipboard mapping in this environment?

A. Change the priority order of the two policies.

B. Ensure that all users have an ICA client newer than version 11.2 installed.

C. Configure the Web Interface to use Workspace Control for all domain users.

D. Ensure that the ICA connection settings are the same between the XenApp 6.5 servers.

Answer: D

Q7. Scenario: A financial application is hosted on two XenApp servers in a worker group. Users report that they often have to click the published application icon several times before they can successfully launch it.

An administrator notes that one of the servers was removed from service due to hardware issues. The other server is fully functional, and it has the necessary resources to handle all the users' connections.

What could be a reason why users have to attempt to start the application multiple times before they are successful?

A. Multi-Stream Connections has been enabled.

B. A custom load evaluator incorporates load throttling.

C. Session Reliability has been disabled for remote users.

D. Pass-through authentication is NOT enabled for users accessing through the Citrix Receiver Enterprise.

Answer: B

Q8. In order for the Web Interface server to correctly work with the Access Gateway Enterprise Edition configuration in the attached exhibit,

the administrator must configure the authentication point at . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)



C. the Web Interface

D. the Access Gateway

Answer: C

Q9. Scenario: A recent security breach occurred in which a member of staff was able to copy company confidential information onto a device which was then removed from company premises. A Citrix Adminstrator has been instructed to disable client drive mapping when staff using corporate issued domain-member laptops attempt to access XenApp resources.

Which section of the ICAClient.ADM template file must the administrator configure to facilitate this request?

A. Client Engine

B. User Experience

C. User Authentication

D. Remoting Client Devices

Answer: D

Q10. Scenario: An administrator has a single XenApp 6.5 farm with an equal number of servers in two datacenters. Datacenter 1 is used for production and Datacenter 2 is used for disaster recovery failover. Users should connect to the XenApp servers in Datacenter 2 only if all servers in Datacenter 1 are offline or are running a full load.

Which two steps should the administrator take to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Create a preferential load balancing policy.

B. Create and assign a custom load evaluator at each datacenter.

C. Create an OU, a worker group and a zone for each datacenter's servers.

D. Create a Citrix load balancing policy with appropriate worker group preference settings.

Answer: C,D

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