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Which method must you override to ensure that messages are logged each time bind variable values are set in an application? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. bindParametersForCollection() method in any ViewObjectlmpI that uses bind variables
  • B. setBindVahables() method in any ViewObjectlmpI that uses bind variables
  • C. bindParametersForCollectionO method in the super-class of ViewObjectlmpI
  • D. bindParametersForCollectionO method in the super-class of ApplicationModulelmpI

Answer: C

Which statement is true about creating a method at the application module level? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. You cannot create methods at the application module level.
  • B. Application module methods provide an interface for the view layer to call custom business logic that may work across multiple data views.
  • C. Application module methods are best suited to writing validation logic for entity objects.
  • D. Methods in an application module allow you to manipulate Ul components in the ViewController project
  • E. Because ADF provides no way at run time to automatically create or delete view object records, you must create application module methods to do this.

Answer: B

Identify three actions you can perform by entering a URL in a browser address bar. (Choose three.)

  • A. Navigate to a specific page in an unbounded task flow.
  • B. Navigate to the first page in a bounded task flow with page fragments.
  • C. Navigate to a page in a bounded task flow with regular pages.
  • D. Navigate to the second page in a bounded task flow with regular pages.
  • E. Pass parameters to a bounded task flow with regular pages.

Answer: BCE

Your Business Components service has a view object (EmployeesView) with an attribute called Surname. Surname has the Tooltip Text control hint set to "This is the surname field". Where is the actual string for the tooltip defined? (Choose the best answer)

  • A. in the view object definition file, for example, EmployeesView xml
  • B. in a string bundle file called ModelBundle properties
  • C. in for the EmployeesView view object
  • D. in the adf-config.xml file
  • E. in a property set file with the default name PropertySet xml

Answer: A

You create a new ADF Faces page called emp.jspx and bind some data controls to that page. You notice a file called empPageDef.xml. What is this file for? (Choose best Answer)

  • A. it is the page definition that contains the XML representation of the page layout and the components on that page.
  • B. it is a template file into which you can write any managed bean code.
  • C. it js the page template definition file that represents the chosen quick start layout.
  • D. it is the file that contains the definition of the bindings to your data-bound components.
  • E. it defines the binding context for all pages in your application.

Answer: D

Which three objects can the Create business Components from I ables" wizard create? (Choose three.)

  • A. query-based view objects based on database tables
  • B. application module
  • C. entity objects based on database tables
  • D. entity object Java classes
  • E. application module Java classes
  • F. nested application modules

Answer: ABC

Consider a case where a view does not load with the expected data. Where would you set a breakpoint to debug the issue? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. the executable binding for the iterator on the pagedef for the view
  • B. a router activity that is used to determine where to send the user after selecting a row in the view
  • C. the partialTriggers property of the data bound component in the view
  • D. the value binding for the iterator on the pagedef for the view

Answer: D

You create a view object CustomersVO based on an entity object CustomerEO . How would you declaratively change the result set returned from the view object:

  • A. Add ORDER BY CustomerName to the query in CustomersVO.
  • B. Add ORDER BY CustomerName to the query in CustomerEO.
  • C. Change the CustomersVO query mode to "Expert" and define the query using the ORDER BY clause as required.
  • D. Re-order the attributes in the CustomersVO editor such that the CustomerName attribute is listed first.
  • E. Create a view criteria on CustomersVO to order by the CustomerName attribute.

Answer: C

What is the first step you perform to secure an ADF application? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Edit the web.xml file and adf-confiq.xml file to include the ADF authentication servlet configuration.
  • B. Merge the application roles into the deployment server's roles.
  • C. Define a lifecycle listener to intercept the HTTP request for the application's URL
  • D. Use the Configure ADF Security wizard to enable secunty for the application.
  • E. Create a login page and run the application authenticated as the test-all user.

Answer: D

View the Exhibit
1Z0-419 dumps exhibit
1Z0-419 dumps exhibit
A user interface requires a view of data for a customer order to include information about the order, items in the order, and information about the customer who placed the order. The application entities and their relationships are defined as shown in the Exhibit.
Which two steps would you perform to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a default view object based on OrdEO, and add ItemEO and CustomerEO as reference entities to the view object
  • B. Create default view objects based on OrdEO, ItemEO, and CustomerEO, and create view links based on the defined associations
  • C. Create a view object based on SQL and define the SQL to select from the Ord, Item and Customer database tables
  • D. Add attributes from the ItemEO and CustomerEO entities as needed
  • E. Create calculated attributes as needed from the Orde
  • F. Item, and Customer database tables.F Set the ItemEO and CustomerEO attributes to updatable=NEVER.

Answer: BD

Which two statements describe the characteristics of an entity object? (Choose two.)

  • A. An entity object represents a cache for records retrieved from the database.
  • B. An entity object includes an ORDER clause to allow you to order the data in it.
  • C. An entity object includes a WHERE clause to allow you to shape the data in it.
  • D. Every column in a database table must be represented as an entity object attribute.
  • E. An entity object definition is described in XML.

Answer: AD

You are prototyping an ADF application that uses ADF Business Components. However, the database schema that you can connect to does not contain any tabl Which two declarative options are available to you to provide hard-coded data for the purposes of your prototype? (Choose two.)

  • A. entity objects with default values
  • B. placeholder data control
  • C. stati c li st vi ew objects
  • D. declarative managed beans

Answer: BC

During design time, you define two root application modules, each with a single view object. At run time, you have a single page exposing each view object as a separate table on the same page. Three users access the page at run time simultaneously
Disregarding application module pooling, how many application module instances are instantiated to serve the three users at run time? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 6


Consider a development organization divided into two teams, one developing ADF Business Components and related methods, and one developing the view and controller layers. What two steps would the Business Components team perform to deliver the results of their work to the other team'? (Choose two.)

  • A. Share the root ApplicationModulelmpI file on the file system or other shared location.
  • B. Create an ADF Library JAR file for the model project
  • C. Create a path to the ADF Library JAR file in Tools > Manage Libraries
  • D. Add the ADF Library JAR to the ViewController project
  • E. Share the ADF Library JAR file on the file system or other shared location

Answer: BD

Which three statements are true about the default value for an entity object attribute? (Choose three.)

  • A. it can be a literal value.
  • B. it can be defined by a Groovy expression.
  • C. it can be defined by a SQL select statement.
  • D. it can be defined by an Expression Language (EL) statement.
  • E. it can be defined by referencing a database stored procedure.

Answer: ABD

Which three options does an entity object automatically implement? (Choose three.)

  • A. primary key functionality based on any column in the database that is marked as a primary key
  • B. not-null functionality based on any column in the database that is marked as not null
  • C. attribute precision based on column size
  • D. all table check constraints
  • E. any table triggers

Answer: ABC

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