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Five requisition lines of a single requisition document are available to process on to purchase order. But the buyer returned one requisition line to the requester for quantity modification.
What will be the effect of this action on the remaining four requisition lines?

  • A. They will get canceled.
  • B. They will be available to process on to purchase order.
  • C. They will be put on hold until the requester resubmits the returned line with the correct quantity.
  • D. They will also get returned to the requester.
  • E. They will be in the “withdrawn” statu

Answer: C

Your client’s business requires that only requester A is provided access to the punchout catalog and not requester B.
Identify the configuration to achieve this.

  • A. Set the punchout catalog security in the punchout catalog definition page to “Secured by worker” with the value “Requester A” and no setup for requester B.
  • B. Set the punchout catalog-associated content zone security to “Secured by worker” with the value “Requester A” and no setup for requester B.
  • C. Assign the “advance procurement requester” role to requester A and the “procurement requester” role to requester B.
  • D. Assign the “punchout catalog request” role to procurement requester A and “procurement requester” role to requester B.

Answer: B

Your customer requires that a consignment order should automatically get created whenever a selfservice requester creates a purchase requisition.
Identify the setup required to fulfill this requirement.

  • A. Select the “Source from consignment” check box and set “Urgent” to “Yes” during requisition creation through self-service.
  • B. Enable all the requisition line items to be sourced from the consignment source.
  • C. Create a consignment agreement with touchless buying options enabled in the Controls tab to automatically generate orders.
  • D. Assign all the requisition line to the consignment buye

Answer: A

You want Supplier Accounts to be created by external supplier users in Supplier Portal. Which Supplier Registration option would allow this?

  • A. Discrete Supplier Registration
  • B. External Supplier Registration
  • C. Global Supplier Registration
  • D. Internal Supplier Registration

Answer: B

Your organization has multiple procurement business units. A Qualification manager wants to launch an initiative for assessment of suppliers. However, the manager is unable to select the qualification model that he or she defined earlier.
Identify the cause for this behavior.

  • A. The Qualification manager is not defined as procurement agent.
  • B. The Qualification model is not yet approved.
  • C. The Qualification manager has not selected the correct procurement BU.
  • D. The Qualification manager does not have the “Manage Suppliers” action enabled in procurement agent definition.

Answer: D

After gathering requirements from the business leads of customer organization, you have set up the Bill-to location at multiple places during Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation. Identify the source from which the purchase order defaults the Bill-to location.

  • A. from the ‘Configure Requisitioning business function’
  • B. from the ‘Supplier site assignment’ first and if it is ‘Null’ then from ‘Common Payables and Procurement options’
  • C. from the ‘Common Payables and Procurement options’ first and if it is ‘Null’ then from ‘Supplier site assignment’
  • D. from the ‘Configure Procurement business function’
  • E. from the Business Unit setup

Answer: B

A Procurement Contracts user wants to create a deliverable with output document as Purchase
Order in Oracle Purchasing Cloud. The user would like to know the status of the PO creation and also details of the PO.
Identify the location where the user can view this information.

  • A. The user can view the purchase order in the Deliverable tab of that contract in Procurement Contracts.
  • B. The user cannot view the PO information in Procurement contrac
  • C. They must navigate to Purchasing.
  • D. The user can view the purchase order in the “Purchasing Activity” tab under the Fulfillment tab of that contract in Procurement Contracts.
  • E. The User can view the PO information under the Purchasing tab in contract line of that contract in Procurement Contracts.

Answer: C

You have defined an attribute named ‘Years of Experience’ in your negotiation. You have set up scores for acceptable value ranges, and would like to rate responses based on this score. On getting
the responses from the participating suppliers, you observe that for a few suppliers, the score was not calculated. Identify the reason for this issue.

  • A. Sourcing does not support attribute definition.
  • B. The attribute ‘Year of Experience’ was not marked as Required, so the supplier did not provide any value.
  • C. The Negotiation type is RFI (Request for Information); therefore, scoring is optional.
  • D. You already have a few suppliers defined in the system; therefore, the scoring did not take place

Answer: B

A replenishment requisition is created with the following details and imported through an open interface in Oracle Procurement Cloud:
- Requisition date – 10/10/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY)
- Requisition Business Unit (BU) – BU1
- Item – AS16168
Identify the Blanket Purchase Agreement that the application would select to automatically create a Purchase Order.

  • A. BPA: 7998Type: Local BPAEffective Dates: 01/01/2012-30/09/2012Item: AS16168BU: BU1Automatically generate orders flag: Yes
  • B. BPA: 9986Type: Local BPAEffective Dates: 01/08/2012-31/10/2013Item: AS16168BU: BU1Automatically generate orders flag: Yes
  • C. BPA: 8837Type: Global BPAEffective Dates: 01/06/2012-31/07/2013Item: AS16167BU: BU1Automatically generate orders flag: Yes
  • D. BPA: 8787Type: Local BPAEffective Dates: 01/03/2012-31/12/2013Item: AS16168BU: BU2Automatically generate orders flag: No

Answer: C

During the implementation, your customer has a requirement for a given business until to enable “funds check” on purchase orders. This requires that budgetary control be enabled.
What configuration must you complete to enable budgetary control in that business unit?

  • A. Enable budgetary control by selecting the ledger and business unit by using the task Manage Budgetary Control.
  • B. Enable budgetary control in both the Configure Requisition Business Function and Configure Procurement Business Function by selecting the business unit in scope.
  • C. Enable budgetary control by selecting the business unit in scope using the task Configure Procurement Business Function.
  • D. Enable budgetary control by selecting the business unit in scope using the task Configure Procurement and Payables Options.

Answer: D

Which option would the application first look at to default the Location field in the Purchase Order Line?

  • A. Purchase Order Header
  • B. supplier site assignment record of the supplier site in the Requisitioning BU
  • C. BU assignment record of the source agreement that corresponds to the Requisitioning BU
  • D. “Requisitioning Business Function Configuration” task of the Requisitioning BU

Answer: D

An automobile parts manufacturer has decided to implement only the Cloud Purchasing product from the Oracle Procurement Cloud pillar. Which setup component will not be required for this implementation?

  • A. Procurement Agents
  • B. Procurement Business Function
  • C. Document Styles
  • D. Negotiation template
  • E. Purchasing Line Types

Answer: E

What is the earliest point that funds can be reserved for requisitions, during implementation and funds reservation for Budgetary Control?

  • A. Funds can be reserved upon approval of the purchase order
  • B. Funds can be reserved upon approval of the requisition
  • C. Funds can be reserved upon submission of the requisition
  • D. Funds can be reserved upon creation of the purchase order

Answer: C

You created a sourcing two-stage sealed RFQ and invited five suppliers to participate. The Technical stage is completed and the Commercial stage is unlocked.
At this time in the award negotiation section, in the Award Line you are able to see only three supplier’s responses as active responses. You are not able to see the other two suppliers’ data in the active responses.
Which two reasons are causing this?

  • A. Suppliers were already awarded.
  • B. Suppliers have entered the response
  • C. Because the RFQ is sealed, you are not able to view these two suppliers’ data.
  • D. Suppliers were not shortlisted in the Technical stage.
  • E. Supplier responses are closed.
  • F. You have entered these two suppliers’ responses as surrogate responses by a buye
  • G. In the Commercial stage, the buyer has not yet entered surrogate responses.

Answer: CE

Identify the functionality of Self Service Procurement that allows a Requester a 360-degree view of any purchasing document, such as a Requisition or PO.

  • A. View pdf
  • B. View Full Details
  • C. Workflow administration
  • D. Manage Train Stops
  • E. Manage Life Cycle

Answer: E

During an implementation where Procurement Contract and Supplier Portal are being implemented, the Procurement Contract user (buyer) has created deliverables on a supplier, which also has an identified Supplier Portal user. The supplier has requested the buyer to email details of the deliverable.
Advise the buyer on how he or she can communicate the deliverable details to the supplier through the application.

  • A. The supplier can view the deliverable from the Supplier Portal by clicking the Manage Deliverables link.
  • B. The supplier can view the deliverable from the Supplier Portal under the Deliverables tab.
  • C. The supplier can view the deliverable by opening the contract in the Contracts tab in the Supplier Portal.
  • D. The supplier can view the deliverable by navigating to the Agreements tab from the Supplier Portal.

Answer: B

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