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Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer allocates 12 physical ports to a new VDC. Which command is used to verify VDC port allocation on a Cisco Nexus switch?
200-155 dumps exhibit

  • A. show vdc port-membership
  • B. show vdc port-allocation
  • C. show vdc allocation
  • D. show vdc membership

Answer: D

What are three components of a Cisco UCS blade server system? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco UCS B-Series chassis
  • B. Cisco UCS C-Series server
  • C. Cisco UCS B-Series server
  • D. Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switch
  • E. Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect
  • F. Cisco UCS C-Series chassis

Answer: ACE

Cisco Fabric Extender Technology is based on which IEEE standard?

  • A. 802.1BR
  • B. 802.1 AX
  • C. 802.1AB
  • D. 802.1BA

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is correct regarding this vPC environment?
200-155 dumps exhibit

  • A. The vPC peer keep alive uses a non-VRF path.
  • B. ip arp synchronize is automatically configured when a vPC domain is created.
  • C. The rote priority uses its default value.
  • D. The system priority has been configured to a lower number than its default value.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit below:
200-155 dumps exhibit
The figure shows CLI interface forVSAN configuration of Cisco MDS 9000 switch.
Which command is required to enter the configuration prompt for VSAN as shown in figure?

  • A. config t
  • B. vsan name
  • C. vsan
  • D. vsan database

Answer: D

A customer deployed Cisco B200 blades with service profiles. The customer experiences an outage on one of the Cisco B200 blades that will be replaced with a spare blade already in inventory. Which two steps should the customer take to replace the failed blade? (Choose two.)

  • A. Disassociate the service profile from the failed blade.
  • B. Associate the service profile to the spare blade.
  • C. Create a new service profile for the spare blade.
  • D. Delete the service profile from the spare blade.
  • E. Create a new service profile template for the failed blade.

Answer: AB

What are two benefits of Cisco FabricPath? (Choose two.)

  • A. provides increased time to convergence
  • B. increases availability with multipathing over all links
  • C. uses spanning tree to eliminate switching loops
  • D. provisions additional network bandwidth without affecting the network
  • E. provides multivendor compatibility

Answer: AD

Which option is a benefit of Unified Fabric Delivery to an IT organization?

  • A. lower total cost of ownership
  • B. reduced memory requirements
  • C. increased storage capacity
  • D. improved security

Answer: A

Explanation: Cisco Unified Fabric is the interconnection point for applications, stored data, and users that can help you:
• Build an intelligent, high-performing infrastructure with multidimensional scalability for the data center network
• Simplify your data center architecture and reduce costs with LAN and SAN convergence, helping you reduce capital costs with fewer devices, simpler management, and more flexible configuration policies
• Create an open, programmable network backbone that is easier and faster to deploy and manage Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/switches/nexus-7000-series-switches/at_a_glance_c45-617345.pdf

Which three are the three primary methods to configure Cisco UCS B-Series systems? (Choose three.)

  • A. SNMP
  • B. XML API
  • C. UCS Manager GUI
  • D. IPMI
  • E. UCS Manager CLI
  • F. CIM-XML

Answer: BCE

When using a Cisco UCS Director, a typical workflow consists of which two terms? (Choose Two )

  • A. Resource Manager
  • B. Workflow Designer
  • C. Scheduler
  • D. Activity Planner
  • E. Predefined Tasks

Answer: BE

Which description of a Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM module is true?

  • A. It runs over the data plane
  • B. It is responsible for communications with VMware
  • C. It provides a data plane of the 1000v system
  • D. It is responsible for communications with VMware vCenter and the VEM configuration

Answer: D

Which tool organizes workflows to automate simple and complex actions on infrastructure?

  • A. Cisco UCS Manager
  • B. Cisco UCS Director
  • C. Cisco DCNM
  • D. Cisco UCS server

Answer: B

Explanation: You can build Cisco UCS Director workflows to automate simple or complex provisioning and configuration processes.
Reference: https://www1.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucs-director/HP-OA-Mgt-Guide/6-0/b_Cisco_UCS_Director_HP_OA_Management_Guide_60/b_Cisco_UCS_Director_HP_OA_Management_Guide_60_chapter_010.html

FabricPath technology uses which two types of ports? (Choose two.)

  • A. F Port
  • B. NL Port
  • C. E Port
  • D. edge port
  • E. core port

Answer: DE

To specify the minimum number of connections between the I/O modules and the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects, which Cisco UCS policy do you configure?

  • A. chassis discovery policy
  • B. local disk configuration policy
  • C. BIOS policy
  • D. boot policy

Answer: A

What is another term for data plane?

  • A. signaling plane
  • B. control plane
  • C. forwarding plane
  • D. management plane

Answer: C

FCoE interfaces are defined as which two port types? (Choose two )

  • A. VZ Port
  • B. VE Port
  • C. VF Port
  • D. VI Port
  • E. VS Port

Answer: BC

Explanation: VF PortBeginning in Cisco NX-OS Release 5.0(2)N1(1), vFC interfaces always operate in trunk mode; vFC interfaces do not operate in any other mode. You can configure allowed VSANs on a vFC by using theswitchport trunk allowed vsan command under the vfc interface (which is similar to FC TF and TE ports). For vFC interfaces that are connected to hosts, port VSAN is the only VSAN that supports logins (FLOGI). We recommend that you restrict the allowed VSANs for such vFC interfaces to the
port VSAN by using theswitchport trunk allowed vsan command in the interface mode to configure a VF port.
Cisco NX-OS Release 5.0(2)N1(1) includes support for 160 vFC interfaces.
The vFC VSAN assignment and the global VLAN-to-VSAN mapping table enables the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch to choose the appropriate VLAN for a VF port.
The VF port support over 10G-FEX interfaces feature is supported only in Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender straight-through topologies where each Fabric Extender is directly connected to a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch.
VE PortsA virtual E port (VE port) is a port that emulates an E port over a non-Fibre Channel link. VE port connectivity between Fibre Channel Forwarders (FCFs) is supported over point-to-point links. These links can be individual Ethernet interfaces or members of an Ethernet port-channel interface. For each of the FCF connected Ethernet interfaces you must create and bind an vFCinterface to the Ethernet interface. Configure vFC interfaces as VE ports by using the switchport mode e command in interface mode.
200-155 dumps exhibitVE ports have the following guidelines: Auto mode on the vFC is not supported.
200-155 dumps exhibitVE Port trunking is supported over FCoE-enabled VLANs.
200-155 dumps exhibitVE Port interface binding to MAC addresses is not supported. By default the VE Port is enabled for trunk mode.
You can configure multiple VSANs on the VE port. You must configure the FCoE VLANs that correspond to the VE port’s VSANs on the bound Ethernet interface.
200-155 dumps exhibitThe Spanning Tree Protocol is disabled on the FCoE VLANs on any interface that a vFC interface is bound to, which includes the interfaces that the VE ports are bound to.
Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus5000/sw/san_switching/502_n2_1/b_Cisco_n5k_nxos_sanswitching_config_guide_rel502_n2_1/Cisco_n5k_nxos_sanswitching_config_guide_rel502_n2_1_chapter3.html

Which descriptions of the management VRF is true?

  • A. It supports static routing only
  • B. It is created by a user.
  • C. It requires a LAN Enterprise Service Package license
  • D. It is equivalent to a global routing table in Cisco IOS

Answer: A

Which physical connection rule must you follow when the Cisco ACl fabric is wired?

  • A. A spine can connect to the access port of a leaf
  • B. A spine can connect to a leaf
  • C. A leaf can connect to a leaf
  • D. A spine can connect to a spine.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of Fibre Channel over Ethernet?

  • A. FCoE maps native Fibre Channel onto Layer 2 Ethernet, Converging IP and storage networks.
  • B. FCoE encapsulates native Fiber Channel traffic inside GRE tunnels.
  • C. Data Center Bridging uses FCoE to transport IP traffic over native Fiber Channel.
  • D. FCoE encapsulates native Fiber Channel inside IP packets.

Answer: A

Explanation: FCoE maps Fibre Channel onto Layer 2 Ethernet, allowing the combination of LAN and SAN traffic onto a link and enabling SAN users to take advantage of the economy of scale, robust vendor community and roadmap of Ethernet.
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/collateral/ns340/ns517/ns224/ns945/ns1060/at_a_glance_ c45-578384.pdf

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