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Q101. At which layer of the network is route summarization recommended? 

A. data link layer 

B. core layer 

C. distribution layer 

D. access layer 


Q102. What are the three modes of unicast reverse path forwarding? (Choose three.) 

A. strict 

B. loose 


D. global 


F. local 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q103. Which two common cable management strategies are used in high-density server deployments in the data center? (Choose two.) 

A. top-of-rack 

B. middle-of-rack 

C. bottom-of-rack 

D. beginning-of-row 

E. middle-of-row 

F. end-of-row 

Answer: A,F 

Q104. Which is a factor in enterprise campus design decisions? 

A. network application characteristics 

B. routing protocol characteristics 

C. switching latency characteristics 

D. packet filtering characteristics 


Q105. Which option is a benefit of the modular approach to network design? 

A. higher availability 

B. repeatable scalability 

C. increased security 

D. improved resiliency 




Q107. Refer to the list of requirements. Which IP telephony design model should you implement to fulfill these requirements?.- must be a single, large location with many remote sites -must have multisite WAN connectivity - requires SRST for call processing redundancy 

A. centralized 

B. distributed 

C. clustered 

D. decentralized 


Q108. Which three items pertain to EIGRP? (Choose three.) 

A. Can use multiple unequal paths. 

B. Routes are redistributed as type 2 by default. 

C. ASN and K values must match to form neighbors. 

D. Uses multicast address for updates. 

E. Exchanges full routing table every 30 seconds. 

F. Summary routes have AD of 90. 

G. External routes have AD of 170. 

Answer: A,C,G 

Q109. Which three types of WAN topologies can be deployed in the Service Provider Module? (Choose three.) 

A. ring 

B. star 

C. full mesh 

D. core/edge 

E. collapsed core 

F. partial mesh 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q110. A company is implementing an Identity Management solution with these characteristics: 

1) existing AAA Server 

2) Cisco Catalyst switches 

3) minimal added investments 

Which Cisco Trust and Identity Management solution would you recommend? 

A. NAC Appliance 

B. Cisco IBNS 


D. Cisco Security MARS