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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

New Questions 6

Which type of encryption technology has the broadcast platform support?

A. Middleware

B. Hardware

C. Software

D. File-level

Answer: C

New Questions 7

What is the best way to confirm that AAA authentication is working properly?

A. Use the test aaa command.

B. Ping the NAS to confirm connectivity.

C. Use the Cisco-recommended configuration for AAA authentication.

D. Log into and out of the router, and then check the NAS authentication log.

Answer: A

New Questions 8

What is the most common Cisco Discovery Protocol version 1 attack?

A. Denial of Service

B. MAC-address spoofing

C. CAM-table overflow

D. VLAN hopping

Answer: A

New Questions 9

In which two situations should you use in-band management? (Choose two.)

A. when management applications need concurrent access to the device

B. when you require administrator access from multiple locations

C. when a network device fails to forward packets

D. when you require ROMMON access

E. when the control plane fails to respond

Answer: A,B

New Questions 10

Which feature of the Cisco Email Security Appliance can mitigate the impact of snowshoe spam and sophisticated phishing attacks?

A. contextual analysis

B. holistic understanding of threats

C. graymail management and filtering

D. signature-based IPS

Answer: A

New Questions 11

Which two characteristics apply to an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ? Choose two

A. Does not add delay to the original traffic.

B. Cabled directly inline with the flow of the network traffic.

C. Can drop traffic based on a set of rules.

D. Runs in promoscous mode.

E. Cannot drop the packet on its own

Answer: B,C

Explanation: + Position in the network flow: Directly inline with the flow of network traffic and every packet goes through the sensor on its way through the network.

+ Mode: Inline mode

+ The IPS can drop the packet on its own because it is inline. The IPS can also request assistance from

another device to block future packets just as the IDS does.

Source: Cisco Official Certification Guide, Table 17-2 IDS Versus IPS, p.461

New Questions 12

A data breach has occurred and your company database has been copied. Which security principle has been violated?

A. confidentiality

B. availability

C. access

D. control

Answer: A

New Questions 13

Which term best describes the concept of preventing the modification of data in transit and in storage?

A. Confidentiality

B. Integrity

C. Availability

D. fidelity

Answer: B


Integrity for data means that changes made to data are done only by authorized individuals/systems.

Corruption of data is a failure to maintain data integrity.

Source: Cisco Official Certification Guide, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, p.6

New Questions 14

Which of the following statements about access lists are true? (Choose three.)

A. Extended access lists should be placed as near as possible to the destination

B. Extended access lists should be placed as near as possible to the source

C. Standard access lists should be placed as near as possible to the destination

D. Standard access lists should be placed as near as possible to the source

E. Standard access lists filter on the source address

F. Standard access lists filter on the destination address

Answer: B,C,E

New Questions 15

Which IPS mode provides the maximum number of actions?

A. inline

B. promiscuous

C. span

D. failover

E. bypass

Answer: A

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