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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 13 - Question 22)

Question No: 13

Which type of Netflow information is displayed when the show ip flow export command is executed?

A. local status and statistics

B. export interface configurations

C. sent status and statistics

D. top talkers

Answer: D

Question No: 14

Which protocols support DMVPN?






Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 15

Router R1, a branch router, connects to the Internet using DSL. Some traffic flows through a GRE and IPsec tunnel, over the DSL connection, destined for an Enterprise network. Which of the following answers best describes the routeru2019s logic that tells the router, for a given packet, to apply GRE encapsulation to the packet?

A. When the packet received on the LAN interface is permitted by the ACL listed on the tunnel gre acl command under the incoming interface

B. When routing the packet, matching a route whose outgoing interface is theGRE tunnel interface

C. When routing the packet, matching a route whose outgoing interface is the IPsec tunnel interface

D. When permitted by an ACL that was referenced in the associated crypto map

Answer: B


As for the correct answer, the process of routing a packet out a GRE tunnel interface triggers the GRE encapsulation action. As for the incorrect answers: There is no tunnel gre acl command. There is no IPsec tunnel interface. Finally, one answer refers to logic that would describe a routeru2019s logic when determining whether to encapsulate a packet into an IPsec tunnel.

Question No: 16

Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator checks this adjacency table on a router. What is a possible cause for the incomplete marking?

A. incomplete ARP information

B. incorrect ACL

C. dynamic routing protocol failure

D. serial link congestion

Answer: A

Question No: 17

Which three TCP enhancements can be used with TCP selective acknowledgments? (Choose three.)

A. header compression

B. explicit congestion notification

C. keepalive

D. time stamps

E. TCP path discovery

F. MTU window

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 18

You have been asked to evaluate how EIGRP is functioning in a customer network.

Traffic from R1 to R61 s Loopback address is load shared between R1-R2-R4-R6 and R1- R3-R5-R6 paths. What is the ratio of traffic over each path?

A. 1:1

B. 1:5

C. 6:8

D. 19:80

Answer: D

Question No: 19

Study this exhibit below carefully.

What is the effect of the distribute-list command in the R1 configuration?

A. R1 will permit only the route in the R2 RIP updates

B. R1 will not filter any routes because there is no exact prefix match

C. R1 will filter the and the routes from the R2 RIP updates

D. R1 will filter only the route from the R2 RIP updates

Answer: C


The command u201cdistribute-list 10 in Serial0 will create an incoming distribute list for interface serial 0 and refers to access list 10. So it will permit routing updates from 10.0.x.x network while other entries (in this case the and networks) will be filtered out from the routing update received on interface S0.

Question No: 20

Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement is correct regarding the operation of NAT-PT between the IPv4 and IPv6 networks shown?

A. The router will determine the IPv4 destination address.

B. The source IPv6 host can use DNS to determine the IPv6-to-IPv4 address mapping.

C. The host is statically configured with the IPv6-to-IPv4 address mapping.

D. ICMP can be used to determine the IPv6-to-IPv4 address mapping.

Answer: B

Question No: 21

Which switching method is used when entries are present in the output of the command show ip cache?

A. fast switching

B. process switching

C. Cisco Express Forwarding switching

D. cut-through packet switching

Answer: A

Topic 2, Layer 2 Technologies

13.Prior to enabling PPPoE in a virtual private dialup network group, which task must be completed?

A. Disable CDP on the interface.

B. Execute the vpdn enable command.

C. Execute the no switchport command.

D. Enable QoS FIFO for PPPoE support.

Question No: 22

Into which two types of areas would an area border router (ABR) inject a default route? (Choose two.)

A. stub

B. the autonomous system of an exterior gateway protocol (EGP)


D. totally stubby

E. the autonomous system of a different interior gateway protocol (IGP)

F. area 0

Answer: A,D


Both stub area & totally stubby area allow an ABR to inject a default route. The main difference between these 2 types of areas is:

+ Stub area replaces LSA Type 5 (External LSA u2013 created by an ASBR to advertise network from another autonomous system) with a default route + Totally stubby area replaces both LSA Type 5 and LSA Type 3 (Summary LSA u2013 created by an ABR to advertise network from other areas, but still within the AS, sometimes called interarea routes) with a default route.

Below summarizes the LSA Types allowed and not allowed in area types:

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