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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q5. Which two options are requirements for EIGRP authentication? (Choose two)

A. A crypto map must be configured.

B. The Authentication key must be configured under the interface running EIGRP.

C. The authentication key must be configured within the EIGRP routing configuration.

D. The authentication key IDs must match between two neighbors.

E. A separate key chain must be configured.

F. AN IPsec profile must be configured.

Answer: B,D

Q6. An engineer is configuring a GRE tunnel interface in the default mode. The engineer has assigned an IPv4 address on the tunnel and sourced the tunnel from an Ethernet interface. Which option also is required on the tunnel interface before it is operational?

A. tunnel destination address

B. keepalives

C. IPv6 address

D. tunnel protection

Answer: A

Q7. Which statement is a restriction for PPPoE configuration?

A. Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer interface.

B. Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer pool.

C. A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the client.

D. A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the access concentrator.

Answer: C

Q8. Which two OSPF network types can operate without a DR/BDR relationship? (Choose Two)

A. Point-to-multipoint

B. Point-to-point

C. nonbroadcast

D. nonbroadcast multi-access

E. broadcast

Answer: A,B

Q9. Which command enables NAT-PT on an IPv6 interface?

A. IPv6 nat-pt enable

B. ipv6 nat

C. Ipv6 nat-pt

D. Ipv6 nat enable

Answer: B


Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is working on the network topology and executes the command no ip split-horizon on interface S0/0 of the hum router. What is the result of this command?

A. A routing loop is created.

B. Each of the spoke routers can see the routes that are advertised from the other spoke routers.

C. The Spoke routers can see the routes that are advertised by the hub router.

D. The hub router can see the routes that are advertised by the spoke routers.

Answer: B

Q11. Which type of information is displayed when a network engineer executes the show track 1 command on the router?

A. information about the IP route track table.

B. time to next poll for track object 1

C. information about tracking list 1

D. tracking information statistics.

Answer: C

Q12. When ospf is forming an adjacency, in which state, the actual exchange of information in the link


B. loading

C. exstart

D. exchange

Answer: B

Q13. A network engineer wants to baseline the network to determine suitability for real-time voice applications. Which IP SLA operation is best suited for this task?

A. ICMP-echo

B. ICMP-jitter

C. UDP-connect

D. UDP-jitter

E. TCP-connect

F. UDP-echo

Answer: F

Q14. After reviewing the EVN configuration, a network administrator notices that a predefined EVN, which is known as u201cvnet globalu201d was configured. What is the purpose of this EVN?

A. It defines the routing scope for each particular EVN edge interface.

B. It aggregates and carries all dot1q tagged traffic.

C. It refers to the global routing context and corresponds to the default RIB.

D. It safeguards the virtual network that is preconfigured to avoid mismatched routing instances

Answer: C

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