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Exam Code: 300 320 vce (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: ARCH Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
Certification Provider: Cisco
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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 - Question 20)

New Questions 11

Which Nexus feature enables you to support server connectivity with one topology and address requirement for both high availability and high bandwidth?

A. vPC

B. vPC+

C. Stackwise


Answer: D

Explanation: 3_n1_1/


"Enhanced vPC enables you to support server connectivity with one topology and address requirement for both high availability and high bandwidth."

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer requires a web application implementation, but the web server has communication only to the application server and users, and the database server has communication only to the application server. What firewall design is the best fit for this scenario?

A. transparent mode with the servers on the same subnet

B. routed mode with three security zones

C. transparent mode with three security zones

D. routed mode with two security zones

Answer: B

New Questions 13

A network engineer must provide 40mb connections from the data center to the corporate office and two remote offices. What WAN connectivity option will outsource the routing in cooperation with the service provider?

A. Ethernet Private Line

B. Ethernet Multipoint Service



Answer: C

New Questions 14

Which unique characteristics of the Data Center Aggregation layer must be considered by an Enterprise Campus designer?

A. Layer 3 routing between the Access and Aggregation layers facilitates the ability to span VLANs across multiple access switches, which is a requirement for many server virtualization and clustering technologies.

B. "East-west" server-to-server traffic can travel between aggregation modules by way of the core, but backup and replication traffic typically remains within an aggregation module.

C. Load balancing, firewall services, and other network services are commonly integrated by the use of service modules that are inserted in the aggregation switches.

D. Virtualization tools allow a cost effective approach for redundancy in the network design by using two or four VDCs from the same physical switch.

Answer: C

New Questions 15

What network technology provides Layer 2 high availability between the access and distribution layers?





Answer: B

New Questions 16

Which of the following is most accurate with respect to designing high availability within the Enterprise Campus network?

A. High availability at and between the Distribution and Access layers is as simple as redundant switches and redundant Layer 3 connections

B. Non-deterministic traffic patterns require a highly available modular topology design

C. Distribution layer high availability design includes redundant switches and Layer 3 equal-cost load sharing connections to the switched Access and routed Core layers, with a Layer 3 link between the distribution switches to support summarization of routing information from the Distribution to the Core

D. Default gateway redundancy allows for the failure of a redundant Distribution switch without affecting endpoint connectivity

Answer: D

New Questions 17

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two features can enable high availability for first-hop Layer 3 redundancy? (Choose two.)






Answer: C,E

New Questions 18

A network engineer is designing an address plan based on network applications. Which application presents the greatest need for its own address block?

A. IP telephony

B. management

C. multicast

D. physical security

Answer: A

New Questions 19

What is the primary benefit of implementing Virtual Device Contexts on Nexus hardware In a multi- tenant environment?

A. resource isolation

B. software partitioning

C. resource allocation

D. granular monitoring

Answer: A

New Questions 20

Which two of these are characteristics of multicast routing? (Choose two.)

A. multicast routing uses RPF.

B. multicast routing is connectionless.

C. In multicast routing, the source of a packet is known.

D. When network topologies change, multicast distribution trees are not rebuilt, but use the original path

E. Multicast routing is much like unicast routing, with the only difference being that it has a a group of receivers rather than just one destination

Answer: A,C

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