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Q151. Which of the following would be the FIRST step to take when implementing a patch management program? 

A. Perform automatic deployment of patches. 

B. Monitor for vulnerabilities and threats. 

C. Prioritize vulnerability remediation. 

D. Create a system inventory. 


Q152. The amount of data that will be collected during an audit is PRIMARILY determined by the 

A. audit scope. 

B. auditor's experience level. 

C. availability of the data. 

D. integrity of the data. 


Q153. While investigating a malicious event, only six days of audit logs from the last month were available. What policy should be updated to address this problem? 

A. Retention 

B. Reporting 

C. Recovery 

D. Remediation 


Q154. Application of which of the following Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards will prevent an unauthorized wireless device from being attached to a network? 

A. IEEE 802.1F 

B. IEEE 802.1H 

C. IEEE 802.1Q 

D. IEEE 802.1X 


Q155. To prevent inadvertent disclosure of restricted information, which of the following would be the LEAST effective process for eliminating data prior to the media being discarded? 

A. Multiple-pass overwriting 

B. Degaussing 

C. High-level formatting 

D. Physical destruction 


Q156. A disadvantage of an application filtering firewall is that it can lead to 

A. a crash of the network as a result of user activities. 

B. performance degradation due to the rules applied. 

C. loss of packets on the network due to insufficient bandwidth. 

D. Internet Protocol (IP) spoofing by hackers. 


Q157. the information below to answer the question.

.A large, multinational organization has decided to outsource a portion of their Information Technology (IT) organization to a third-party provider’s facility. This provider will be responsible for the design, development, testing, and support of several critical, customer-based applications used by the organization. 

What additional considerations are there if the third party is located in a different country? 

A. The organizational structure of the third party and how it may impact timelines within the organization 

B. The ability of the third party to respond to the organization in a timely manner and with accurate information 

C. The effects of transborder data flows and customer expectations regarding the storage or processing of their data 

D. The quantity of data that must be provided to the third party and how it is to be used 


Q158. Which one of these risk factors would be the LEAST important consideration in choosing a building site for a new computer facility? 

A. Vulnerability to crime 

B. Adjacent buildings and businesses 

C. Proximity to an airline flight path 

D. Vulnerability to natural disasters 


Q159. Why must all users be positively using multi-user computers? 

A. To provide access to system privileges 

B. To provide access to the operating system 

C. To ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access the computers 

D. To ensure that management knows what users are currently logged on 


Q160. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization has hired an information security officer to lead their security department. The officer has adequate people resources but is lacking the other necessary components to have an effective security program. There are numerous initiatives requiring security involvement. 

Which of the following is considered the MOST important priority for the information security officer? 

A. Formal acceptance of the security strategy 

B. Disciplinary actions taken against unethical behavior 

C. Development of an awareness program for new employees 

D. Audit of all organization system configurations for faults