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A network administrator has a monitoring system in place that is currently polling hundreds of network devices at regular intervals. The continuous polling is causing high CPU utilization on the server. Which of the following tasks should the administrator perform to resolve the CPU issue while maintaining full monitoring capabilities?

  • A. Remove SNMP polling and configure SNMP traps on each network device
  • B. Remove SNMP polling and implement snmpwalk on each network device
  • C. Upgrade SNMP to the latest version to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • D. Modify SNMP polling to poll only during business hours

Answer: A

A technician needs to limit the amount of broadcast traffic on a network and allow different segments to communicate with each other. Which of the following options would satisfy these requirements?

  • A. Add a router and enable OSPF.
  • B. Add a layer 3 switch and create a VLAN.
  • C. Add a bridge between two switches.
  • D. Add a firewall and implement proper ACL.

Answer: B

Explanation: We can limit the amount of broadcast traffic on a switched network by dividing the computers into logical network segments called VLANs.
A virtual local area network (VLAN) is a logical group of computers that appear to be on the same LAN even if they are on separate IP subnets. These logical subnets are configured in the network switches. Each VLAN is a broadcast domain meaning that only computers within the same VLAN will receive broadcast traffic.
To allow different segments (VLAN) to communicate with each other, a router is required to establish a connection between the systems. We can use a network router to route between the VLANs or we can use a ‘Layer 3’ switch. Unlike layer 2 switches that can only read the contents of the data-link layer protocol header in the packets they process, layer 3 switches can read the (IP) addresses in the network layer protocol header as well.

The IT manager at a small firm is in the process of renegotiating an SLA with the organization’s ISP. As part of the agreement, the organization will agree to a dynamic bandwidth plan to provide 150Mbps of bandwidth.
However, if the ISP determines that a host on the organization’s internal network produces malicious traffic, the ISP reserves the right to reduce available bandwidth to 1.5 Mbps. Which of the following policies is being agreed to in the SLA?

  • A. Session hijacking
  • B. Blocking
  • C. Throttling
  • D. Data usage limits
  • E. Bandwidth quotasf

Answer: C

A company has two geographically separate locations that need to connect using a VPN. Which of the following devices must be specifically configured to allow VPN traffic into the network?

  • A. Firewall
  • B. Switch
  • C. Router
  • D. Modem

Answer: A

Which of the following subnet masks would allow for and to be in the same subnet?

  • A.
  • B. 255 255.255.128
  • C.
  • D.

Answer: A

Which of the following is the prefix for a link-local IPv6 address?

  • A. FE80::/10
  • B. FF00::/8
  • C. 2FFE::/16
  • D. FEEF:/12

Answer: A

A network technician is configuring a firewall access list to secure incoming connections to an email server. The internal address of this email server is The firewall should allow external email servers to send email to the email server. The email server also supports client access via a web browser. Only secure protocols should be used, and only the necessary ports should be open. Which of the following ACL rules should be configured in the firewall’s WAN port? (Choose two.)

  • A. Permit
  • B. Permit
  • C. Permit
  • D. Permit
  • E. Permit
  • F. Permit

Answer: EF

Which of the following ports would Zach, a technician, need to open on a firewall to allow SSH on the default port?

  • A. 20
  • B. 21
  • C. 22
  • D. 23

Answer: C

Which of the following separates broadcast domains?

  • A. Port mirroring
  • B. Router
  • C. Convergence
  • D. Switch

Answer: B

A technician is setting up a public guest network for visitors to access the Internet that must be separate from the corporate network. Which of the following are the BEST steps for the technician to take with minimum overhead configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. Enable SSID broadcasting to identify the guest network
  • B. Configure visitor devices to use static IP addresses
  • C. Enable two-factor authentication on visitor devices
  • D. Configure the access point to use WPA2-AES encryption
  • E. Ensure the access point is not running in mixed mode

Answer: AB

Lisa, a network technician, needs to introduce a few more cables to the existing patch panel. Which of the following tools would she use?

  • A. OTDR
  • B. Multimeter
  • C. Punch down tool
  • D. Temperature monitor

Answer: C

A technician is setting up a firewall on the network that would show a public IP address out to the Internet and assign private IP addresses to users inside the network. Which of the following processes should be set up?

  • A. Port security
  • B. MAC filtering
  • C. ACL
  • D. NAT

Answer: D

Users are reporting their network is extremely slow. The technician discovers pings to external host have excessive response times. However, internal pings to printers and other PCs have acceptable response times. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT?

  • A. Determine if any network equipment was replaced recently
  • B. Verify malware has not disabled the users’ PC firewalls
  • C. Replace users’ network cables with known-good network cables
  • D. Power cycle the web server

Answer: A

A network technician needs to address bandwidth issues on the wireless network. There are currently four 802.11n access points. The technician would like to increase the bandwidth. Which of the following would be the BEST solution?

  • A. Disable SSID
  • B. Channel bonding
  • C. MIMO
  • D. Increase the signal

Answer: B

Explanation: Topic 3, Exam Set B

Kim, a technician, is configuring an 802.11n access point. Other WAPs on the network use 802.11b. Which of the following will Kim have to setup to make sure these WAPs will be able to communicate?

  • A. Enable mixed mode
  • B. Disable SSID
  • C. Disable encryption
  • D. Enable `n' only mode

Answer: A

Which of the following protocols would be used to send email to an email server?

  • A. NTP
  • B. FTP
  • C. SNMP
  • D. SMTP

Answer: D

Your company recently purchased a new building down the street from the existing office. For each of the tasks below, select the appropriate antenna type and encryption object for all wireless access point (AP).
1. Create an encrypted wireless connection between the two buildings that BEST controls signal propagation, while maximizing security.
2. Restrict the wireless signal generated by the access points (APs) inside Building 1, so that it minimizes broadcast beyond the building.
3. Maximize wireless coverage inside Building 1.
4. Building 1’s internal wireless network is for visitors only and must not require any special configuration on the visitor’s device to connect.
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    A technician wants to deploy a network that will require wireless client devices to prompt for a username and password before granting access to be the wireless network. Which of the following must be configured to implement this solution?

    • A. EAP-PEAP
    • B. CCMP-AES
    • C. WPA2-PSK
    • D. TKIP-RC4

    Answer: A

    A technician notices that network access is becoming increasingly slow. All of the activity lights, on the only network layer 2 switch, are blinking at steadily increasing rates. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the increased traffic?

    • A. STP blocking
    • B. IP addresses
    • C. MTU mismatch
    • D. Switching loop

    Answer: D

    A network technician is troubleshooting intermittent issues with VoIP call quality. A throughput tester can help assess the functionality of which of the following?

    • A. LLDP
    • B. VLAN tagging
    • C. QoS
    • D. SIP trunking

    Answer: C

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