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A network technician has to integrate three legacy industrial devices into the existing wireless network. The devices only support 802.11b and TKIP. Which of the following should the technician do to connect these devices to the wireless network with the restrictive settings while not affecting the performance of the other users? (Select Two).

  • A. Create a second SSID that uses WPA personal.
  • B. Change the encryption to WPA@ personal.
  • C. Enable MAC filtering.
  • D. Change the encryption to WPA2 Enterprise.

Answer: D

A junior network technician receives a help desk ticket from an end user who is having trouble accessing a web application that was working the previous day. After talking with the end user and gathering information about issue, which of the following would be the most likely course of action for the technician to perform next?

  • A. Establish a theory of probable cause.
  • B. Escalate the ticket to a senior technician.
  • C. Implement the solution.
  • D. Document the findings and outcomes.

Answer: A

A new building needs to be joined to an existing network, but management has decided that running fiber is too expensive. Since the buildings are bout 1000ft (305m) apart, the IT department has been asked to propose alternatives. Which of the following is the BEST device to add to each building to facilitate the extension of the network while meeting budgetary demands?

  • A. Switch
  • B. Router
  • C. Media converter
  • D. PTP wireless

Answer: D

An end-user device requires a specific IP address every time it connects to the corporate network; however, corporate policy does not allow the use of static IP addresses. Which of the following will allow the request to be fulfilled without breaking the corporate policy?

  • A. DHCP relay
  • B. DHCP exclusion
  • C. DHCP option
  • D. DHCP reservation

Answer: D

Which of the following cables will MOST likely be used to connect to a satellite dish?

  • A. RG-6
  • B. CAT5e
  • C. Fiber
  • D. CAT6

Answer: A

A technician is performing a maintenance task on a weekly basis and wants to ensure the task is properly documented and able to be performed by other technician. Which of the following types of documentation should the technician complete?

  • A. Standard operating procedure
  • B. Work order
  • C. Performance baseline
  • D. Logical diagram
  • E. Change management

Answer: A

At which of the following layers of the OSI model do packets exist?

  • A. Network
  • B. Session
  • C. Data link
  • D. Transport

Answer: A

A technician needs to test the length of a newly installed cable run because it is believed that it exceeds the maximum specification length. Which of the following tools should be used?

  • A. Cable certifier
  • B. Toner probe
  • C. Cable tester
  • D. Protocol analyzer

Answer: A

A technician has racked a new access switch and has run multimode fiber to a new location. After installing an extended-range 10Gb SFP in the core switch, the technician installed a 10Gb SFP in the access switch and connected the port to the new extension with a fiber jumper. However, the link does not display, and the technician cannot see light emitting from the core switch. Which of the following solutions is MOST likely to resolve the problem?

  • A. Swap the fiber pairs in one of the SFPs
  • B. Replace the jumpers with single-mode fiber
  • C. Set the correct MTU on the new interface
  • D. Install an optic that matches the fiber type

Answer: B

A company has a web-based application that is used by many different departments. The company has experienced some overload of resources on the database server. The network administrator implements a network device in between the servers and the database. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of this device?

  • A. Content filtering and network analysis
  • B. Load balancing and providing high availability
  • C. Port sniffing and protocol analysis
  • D. Clustering and NIC teaming

Answer: B

Which of the following is a secure way to connect to a device?

  • A. RSH
  • B. TFTP
  • C. SNMPv2
  • D. SFTP

Answer: D

Which of the following protocols are classified as connectionless? (Select TWO)

  • A. TFTP
  • B. FTP
  • C. HTTP
  • D. SNMP
  • E. SSH
  • F. IMAP

Answer: AD

Explanation: Trivial FTP (TFTP) is a connectionless file transfer program.

A technician needs to order cable that meets 10GBaseT and safety requirements for an installation between a drop ceiling and a standard ceiling.
Which of the following should the technician order to ensure compliance with the requirements?

  • A. PVC Cat 5
  • B. Plenum Cat 5e
  • C. Plenum Cat 6a
  • D. PVC Cat 7

Answer: C

Explanation: 10GBaseT A 10 GbE standard designed to run on Cat 6a UTP cabling. Maximum cable length of 100 m.

A network administrator gets a call regarding intermittent network outages across the country. Which of the following should be used to connect to the network so the administrator can troubleshoot this issue from home? (Choose two.)

  • A. FTP
  • B. SMTP
  • C. VPN
  • D. SSH
  • E. SNMP

Answer: CD

A network technician is building a network for a small office. The office currently has cable TV and now requires access to the Internet without adding any cabling other than what is already in place. Which of the following solutions should the technician install to meet these requirements?

  • A. DOCSIS modem
  • B. Wireless router
  • C. DSL modem
  • D. Access point

Answer: A

A supervisor requests that a technician downloads a MIB for a particular server. Which of the following protocols requires MIBs?

  • A. IPSec
  • B. SSL
  • D. SNMP

Answer: D

A technician has replaced the Internet gateway router, and now no users can reach the Internet. The technician can ping the router Ethernet port but not the ISP's router IP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely problem?

  • A. Faulty crossover cable
  • B. DNS server is down
  • C. Switching loop
  • D. Outside interface shutdown

Answer: D

A building is equipped with light sensors that turn off the fluorescent lights when natural light is above a certain brightness. Users report experiencing network connection issues only during certain hours. The west side of the building experiences connectivity issues in the morning hours and the east side near the end of the day. At night the connectivity issues affect the entire building. Which of the following could be the cause of the connectivity issues?

  • A. Light sensors are interfering with the network
  • B. EMI from the lights is interfering with the network cables
  • C. Network wiring is run perpendicular to electrical conduit
  • D. Temperature changes are causing attenuation in copper cabling

Answer: C

A Windows server has a problem after booting up. Kim, a technician, should immediately check the:

  • A. history logs.
  • B. cron logs.
  • C. application logs.
  • D. system logs.

Answer: D

A technician notices clients are receiving a 169.254.x.x IP address following the upgrade of a server. Which of the following ports should the technician check on the local server firewall?

  • A. ports 20 and 21
  • B. ports 67 and 68
  • C. ports 80 and 443
  • D. port 123 and 8080

Answer: B

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